Vacuum Genie Frequently Asked Questions

A. I live outside the UK, how can I place an order?

We value your business and want to guarantee that your international order goes as smoothly as possible. Please keep the following vital information in mind when you shop:

A1. Quantity Check:
Please make sure to add the correct quantity to your basket for international orders and double-check the amount before checkout to prevent any issues.

A2. Shipping Address Verification:
Please double-check your shipping address before proceeding to checkout. Accurate address information is critical to ensuring that your order arrives at its destination on time. Here is the correct format: format: a building or house number/name, Street/Road, and City/ Postal Code.

A3. Product Description and Compatibility:
We recommend that you read the product descriptions and the list of compatible machines before placing your order. This can help you avoid ordering the wrong parts and guarantee you get exactly what you need.

A4. Customs Duty and Taxes:
When placing an international order, it's essential to consider that the customs authorities of your country may impose extra charges.  Unfortunately, these customs duties and taxes are beyond our control, and you, as the recipient, will be responsible for them. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

A5. Notification of Customs Charges:
We cannot guarantee prior notification of any Customs Duty or taxes imposed on your order. Please contact your local customs or tax department to determine potential applicable taxes for your specific order. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

Our team is here to make the international shopping experience easy for you. Contact us anytime with questions or concerns. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

B. How will I know if the replacement part I required is suitable/ compatible with my machine?

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you make informed decisions and avoid any compatibility issues:

B1. Review the Product Description: 
To buy the right part, read the product description carefully. Look for compatible machine models and specs. This way, you can make an informed decision and choose the best part for your machine.

B2. Check the List of Suitable Machines: 
To ensure compatibility, check the manufacturer's list of compatible models before buying a new component for your device. This information is usually found in the product details or on the company's website. Cross-reference the list with your machine's model to make sure the replacement part will work properly.

B3. Locate Your Machine's Model Number: 
To ensure compatibility, find the model number of your machine on a label or plate. Compare it to the manufacturer's list of compatible machines to ensure accuracy.

Double-check product descriptions and model numbers to ensure compatibility when purchasing equipment parts. Contact customer support or the manufacturer's customer care for additional guidance if needed.

C. I ordered an incorrect replacement part, how can I process a return?

To better process your return and provide a refund, we kindly request additional information. 

C1. The model number of your machine. This will help us ensure that we send you the correct replacement part when we receive the wrong item back.

C2. Attach a clear photo of the machine's serial number to this email. This will aid us in verifying compatibility and ensuring that the new part is a perfect fit for your machine.

We will start the return process for the incorrect part as soon as we receive the necessary details. Kindly include a copy of your delivery note while returning an item to our address:

380 Chester Road
Manchester, Greater Manchester
M16 9EA
United Kingdom

Just a reminder that to qualify for a complete refund, the item being returned must be in its original and unused condition. If the packaging is damaged or defaced, there may be a restocking fee and the refund may not be complete, or we may be unable to refund if the packaging has been defaced.

Once our fulfilment centre confirms receipt of the item in the requested condition, we will arrange for a refund to be credited to your account within 5 business days. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the return procedure, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service advisor. We are always here to assist you.

D. I received my order damaged, can you replace it?

Kindly provide additional information and photographs to help us investigate and resolve the issue. These details will enable us to identify the source of the problem and resolve it promptly.

D1. Images of the Outside Packaging: If the external packaging has been damaged, please submit clear photos of it, focusing on any parts that appear to be damaged or compromised.

D2. Order Details: A screenshot or copy of your order confirmation or receipt will assist us in verifying your purchase and ensuring we have all of the necessary information.

D3. Images of the Damaged Part: We require detailed images of the damaged section, with a focus on the specific issue or damage you have experienced. This is necessary to fully comprehend the problem and provide an accurate solution for you. Your cooperation is appreciated.

We want to assure you that we will start investigating as soon as we receive the necessary information and pictures. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough investigation to identify the root cause of the issue. Please note that this process may take 2-5 business days to ensure that we provide a comprehensive and precise evaluation.

As soon as we identify the issue, we will promptly address it to your satisfaction. This may involve sending a replacement, issuing a refund, or taking any other necessary action.

E. How can I know if the part I want to order is genuine or the original part?

To ensure that you order an authentic or original part, follow these procedures:

E1. Examine the Product Description: Start by thoroughly reading the product description on the website. Look for any unique details or information that can confirm the part's legitimacy.

E2. Check for Manufacturer Information: Look for statements like "Made by [Manufacturer's Name]" or "Genuine [Manufacturer's Name] Part" in the product description. This indicates that the part is produced and packaged by the original manufacturer.

E3. Manufacturer's Website: Visit the official website of the manufacturer (in this example, Dyson) to cross-reference the part you're interested in. Manufacturers often provide details about their authorised dealers and genuine replacement parts.

E4. Contact customer support for questions or complaints. Confirm with them if the part you're searching for is genuine.

F. I need a replacement motor for my machine. Can you help me?

To ensure we can provide the best assistance, kindly provide us with the following details:
F1. Part Number: If available, please provide the part number from the original motor. This will enable us to accurately identify the suitable new motor for your machine.

F2. Specifications: We can help you find the appropriate motor based on the following criteria, even if you don't have the part number:

F3. Wattage: Please let us know the wattage rating of your current motor.

F4. Machine Serial Number: If available, please provide your machine's serial number. This can sometimes help us identify the correct motor model.

F5. Dimensions: If possible, please measure and provide the dimensions of your current motor, including length, width, and height.

F6. We will help you find the exact replacement motor you need for your machine with the information you provide. Please give us as many details as possible, and we will do our best to make sure you get the correct part.

G. My machine is broken. Do you do repairs?

G1. We don't provide repair services, but we do sell replacement parts. To help you better, please let us know exactly what's wrong with your machine. You can also upload a photo of your machine's model number to ensure we find the right replacement part for you. Once we have this information, we'll guide you on how to purchase the necessary replacement item to fix your machine.

H. Incomplete order received. Please ship the missing piece.

H1. Before sending the missing piece, we need to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure we can assist you promptly and accurately. To do this, we require the following information from you:

H2. Actual images of packaging: Please provide clear images of the packaging that your product came in. This will help us determine if there was any damage during transit or if the missing piece was accidentally left out.

H3. Order Details: Please provide us with the order number, purchase date, and any other relevant details that can help us identify your shipment accurately.

H4. To quickly resolve the issue, kindly provide the necessary details and we'll send the missing piece as soon as possible.

I. The part I ordered does not fit. How can I return it?

To assist us in identifying the issue and finding the correct part for your machine, kindly provide us with the following information:

I1. Images or Videos: Please provide clear images or videos that show how the part does not fit on your appliance. This will enable our technical team to accurately diagnose the problem.

I2.Machine Model Number: Please provide us with the model number of your machine so that we can find the appropriate replacement part. You can usually find this information on a label or plate attached to the machine. If you're unsure where to locate it, refer to the user manual for your machine.

I3. Machine Serial Number: Additionally, please send us a clear photo of your machine's serial number. This will allow us to verify the specific features of your machine and ensure compatibility with the replacement part.

I4. Once we receive this information, our dedicated team will investigate the issue and work to source the correct part for your machine. 

J. Contact Details

J1. Rest assured that we're committed to ensuring that any queries are resolved easily for you.  If you have any enquiries or need help with any aspect of dealing with a query, please get in touch with our customer support team at customerservices@vacuumgenie.co.uk.