Guarantees on Spare Parts

Spare parts are all guaranteed for replacement if they are found to be defective on arrival. Before any refunds are made, the part must be sent back for inspection. Items of a technical nature will need to be fitted and replaced by a qualified engineer for a claim to be valid claim and refunded. Please be aware that completing mechanical changes when unqualified may invalidate your original manufacturer's warranty. Please refer to the manufacturers' terms and conditions for service and repair information. Once the item has been tested, we can honour any valid claims.


Guarantees on Appliances

Faulty items - If you've had your appliance for up to 30 days, we'll happily replace or refund it if it is defective. If you've had the item between 30 days and the term within the manufacturer's warranty, we can advise you on how to go about returning it. In some cases, it will go straight to the manufacturer for repair, replacement or if neither is possible, a refund. We can help and advise on this. For any queries regarding faulty appliances, please contact us on +441618840029 or where we will usually respond within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.